Targ Un
Targ full helm
Targ wearing his trademark helmet and some purple armor



Targ med helm

Targ wearing an older helmet of his.

Targ Un is an Aefian Ancient warrior, and Imaginaught. He is very good with all sorts of weaponry, particularly big swords and spears. He is not a magic user, placing him as the weakest of the original 5 Imaginaughts.

Abilities Edit

Targ is mostly an experienced weapon master, skilled in swords, hammers, spears, and axes. Targ is also an accomplished smith, able to make armor and weapons of incredibly high quality. Adding to this list of skill he is good with computers, especially building them.

Targ's magic abilities are rather limited to healing and weapon enchantment, though he has mastered these areas.

History Edit

Targ was originally a man known as Ly on another planet, where he was a medic/soldier in the army. This is where he attempted to stop a man named Tivin from stealing sensetive documents for a rebellion, and was instead converted tot eh rebellion by him. They eventually attacked the capital, where they killed the king and were teleported/reincarnated as young Aefians. Targ's skills made him into a bully, attacking and intimidating many before he was finally converted by the young-at-the-time Imaginaughts, where he re-discovered his passion for weapons, and a basic understanding of healing.

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