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Mana is an energy source present within all beings that allows people to cast spells. It can be easily generated using special items. There are many different varieties of mana, depending on the being that it lies within. There are eight known basic varieties of mana, with the ninth being discovered at some time during the plot of the First game.

Base Types of Mana Edit

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The types of mana are very similar to the color wheel in Magic: The Gathering, and uses a similar "color" descriptor for each one, and indeed, those five colors follow a similar pattern (Blue being after white, red being before green etc.), however have the additional four colors in the interim. Each color has its own element attached to it. They are, in order:

  1. White, or Light
  2. Gold, or Air
  3. Blue, or Water and Ice
  4. Purple, or Great Mana
  5. Grey, or Technology and Electricity
  6. Black, or Darkness
  7. Brown, or Earth
  8. Red, or Fire
  9. Green, or Nature

 Unusual properties Edit

  • Transforms instantly into other energies and/or matter. When becoming matter it sometimes "borrows" energy from nowhere, as a quick-summon.
  • Does not follow the rule of E equals MC squared, all the time.
  • Disobeys the law of conservation.
    • "Grows" like a bacteria that can penetrate anything. One spark of mana in a non-mana environment will allow for magic within 5 years.
  • Both organic and artificial.
  • Tends to form into roughly perfect shapes.
  • Whjen used by organic beings it allows for a large degree of regeneration as well as increased mental capacity. Mages are generally 50 times more intelligent than non-magic users.

Appearance Edit

Mana is generally cited to be a blue energy, and changes form depending on elemental alignment. Mana at the nanoscopic level is smaller than the smallest quark, about an 1000th of a quark (Quarks make up protons, neutrons and electrons, which in turn make up atoms, which make up molecules, which in their millions make stuff). Mana is also called pure energy or Blue Energy (Not to be confused with the electric variation).

Use Edit

Mana can instantly transform into any form of energy and matter, as well as being effortlessly infinite. It can be used in circuitry, and electrical storage.

History Edit

Mana has been known in the universe since before it was created, a good long time ago.

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