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The wiki where your creativity is the limit!

Welcome to the Imaginaughts Wiki

Imaginaughts is a series created by the Wikia user known as Golden Flame0, set in an alternative world with magic and futuristic technology, and where people like YOU, dear reader, can post WHATEVER YOU WANT.

The Imaginaughts series was started in 2005. The wiki itself was created in 2011, inspired by Custom BIONICLE Wiki, but designed to be more original. For a full history of the wiki, see here.

Even if you are a veteran to this wiki, check out This blog post I made. You will need to read it before you use the site.

This wiki is under heavy development

At the moment, we are rewriting the entire lot, getting it ready for a game to be hopefully started. There will be problems. If you see an error, feel free to clean stuff up.

Rules and regulations

  • Don't be an ass. No vandalism/flaming/griefing/spamming/what have you
  • All works are the property and works of their respective creators. These works may not be used without their author's permission.
    • Inspiration is fine!
    • We have a lot of pictures here without attribution or correct credit. Please please please message us if you find something.
  • Attempt to keep it to the general story. You don't have to.
  • Remember to read the Manual of Style.
  • If you're new here, we want you to make a free account.
  • Don't edit pages unless you have permission to do so. There are some pages that can be edited by anyone. Pages classified as elements can be edited by anyone, for example.
    • That said, if a page is missing some vital information that is on other pages, go ahead. Maybe you found a page with details on the origin of the universe that isn't on, say, Ren's page, and you want to fill in the gaps. Remember: If there isn't any info (or conflicting stories) on a particular character, just ask me (Golden Flame0), And I may be able to tell you, or point you in the direction of someone who might know.

Supported Sites

Each of these wikis are in a wikia alliance with Imaginaughts Wiki.

  • Mocha's Sandbox, Mochafiction wiki under repurposement! Wiki by Mocha2007andcoco, one of our admins. Could possibly be considered Imaginaughts canon, no idea.
  • Custom Minecraft wiki, about mods and ideas for Minecraft! Created by the same guy who made this wiki.
  • Weird Community Wiki, another similar wiki, with a real-world touch.
  • The Bob Wiki, a very similar wiki, just with an extra pinch of stick figures.
  • Guraldian wiki, a wiki about Dets65's Guraldians. Considered part of Imaginaughts cannon, for the most part.

Getting Started

How do I start, you may ask? The above area is mostly for this wiki's veterans (except for, you know, the rules). This is for the new among you.

  1. Create a new account. Link is above.
  2. Think of something, anything. Fix it up, then post it. Don't worry about anything else.

That's the start. You have several options from there. Expand your storyline, streamline it, fix up spelling and grammar mistakes on other pages, contribute your own knowledge, focus on copying data across pages, or several of the above. Visit the fourms if you need further help.

Let Golden Flame0 know if you want your wiki on the list.

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