George Grige, Edited on Dragon Quest IX

Dr George Arenian is Goldas' brother and captain of the Blue marines. He uses Blue Energy. He is an Imaginaught and accomplished scientist.


George is a 18-year-old Aefian male, with slightly tanned skin and brown eyes. He has black hair which is dyed blue on the ends (pic is slightly inaccurate) and put up into a mohawk, sometimes combed down, and sometimes it become so sharp you could cut yourself on it. Mostly though, its more messy than straight.

He wears a blue gi, but sometimes wears normal clothing, albeit blue (but sometimes brown, black or red).

Neos Form and other forms

George Red

George in an experimental Neos costume. This is before he refined the technique.

George, after being the first to discover Neos use on organic beings, began working on a Neos form. He already could achieve a Four Dragon Transformation, but this was the first unique form. In the Neos form, the blue parts of his hair turn red, and his equipment also goes red.


George Grige Arenian was born to Unknown parents, and half an Aefian year younger than his older brother, Goldas Arenian. The two brothers always got along and by the time he was 2 and a half, (5 in our years), he was enrolled in the Intergalactic Aefian school for Excellence, behind his 3-year-old brother. The two quickly adapted to their studies and were smart, kind students. Their weapondry teacher, Vain Vezu, found that Goldas was natural with a sword, but George was not handy with any weapondry, except for claws, which Vain thought were not very good weapons. He was fast friends with Tivic Criko and Nick Myme, but initially did not get on well with Targ Un, due to his extreme weapon abilities. Upon founding of the Imaginaughts, he belived more people should be included within the organisation, but Goldas was reluctant. By the end of the first story arc, George was accepted into the Blue Marines as a trainee.



  • Claws, blue, safety latch with a wolverine style activation.
  • Sea Spine sword - Spine of an ancient sea beast. Blue, purple and black, poisonous.
  • Staff - Brown with green, slightly dusty from underuse. Uses as a Bo staff, not as a magic-channeling weapon.


  • Blue energy in general


  1. "You think it's easy having this sort of hair? I have to spend 3 minutes each morning on it! -George talking about his hair.
  2. I like blue. It's the color of blue energy. And most of my outfit. -George on blue
  3. Im sorry, but as cool back cloth and flames are, I prefer this blue outfit! -George going on about blue outfits
  4. Hmm, ultimate claws....Blue -Oh, shut up about blue!
  5. I actually have a sword. It's a spine of some sort of sea creature. And its poisonous. - George on hand to hand combat.
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