Elven City

A section of the city.

Basai is a city on the planet Pokon. It is a woodland city. The people here live in trees and practice making Bonsai.


Once upon a time, a male Elf, a male Human, and two female Humans moved to an area near a lake. It wasn't long until a male child and a female half elf-half human were born, then that couple produced many quarter-elf children, who gave birth to more children, etc. etc.

5 generations later, they chose a King, King Fred I. At the time, he was 17, but couldent marry his girlfriend of 16 (Queen Elise I) till they were both 18 years or older. The first law passed by the king said that the minimum age to marry a King or Queen is 16. After the duo got married, Queen Elise gave birth to a baby boy, King Edward I.

When Edward was sixteen, he met a girl of fourteen, Queen Jessica I, and a her twin sister, Queen Elise II. When those twins came to the age of sixteen, King Edward married the two of them.

Housing and customsEdit

They live inside trees like elves, but partake in many human-like activities.


The mimimum age to marry is 18 unless you are royalty.


Underground, on land, inside trees, atop trees.


  • Spring: 23-27 degrees Celsius (average)
  • Summer: 29-32 degrees Celsius (average)
  • Autum/Fall: 22-26 degrees celcicus (average)
  • Winter: 19-24 degrees Celsius (Average)

Due to the forest canopy insulating heat, it is rather warm all year long. the climate is similar to a rainforest, just with different sorts of plants.

Appearence and clothingEdit

Women wear clothing that shows off a lot of arm and leg, like short shorts and short shirts. They wear their hair long.

Men wear shorts that extend to the knee, and shirts that shows a lot of arm. Hair tends to be short and messy.

Hair colours are brown and blonde. Skin colour is a tan colour.

All clothing is made of the fibres of a certain plant called the clemp plant. Clothes tend to be green, brown or white

Most people native to this area have pointed ears.


  • Its name is a spin-off of Nimbasa and Bonsly, whom are both Pokémon-related. It is also a spin-off of Bonsai
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